New Hardwood Floors

Upgrading to hardwood floors is a wonderful upgrade to any home, and we can help you through the process. There are a variety of wood types and finishes that you can choose from, and we have seen them all. Woods and finishes should be selected based on color preference, durability, traffic exposure, and style preference. Let us show you the options, or you can give us an idea of what you want and we can go and find it for you.

Hardwood Floors Refinishing

Refinishing hardwood floors can bring them back to life after years of use and abuse. We can sand them down and remove any surface blemishes, stain and seal them for a like-new finish that will last for years. With older hardwood floors, many of them were made from beautiful wood and in a lot of cases, we can help restore the hardwood floors to close to their original beauty. We love seeing the results of refinishing hardwood floors because it allows our customers to get a fresh new look while keeping the original timeless appeal of the original hardwood wood floors.

Hardwood Floors Repairs

If your hardwood floors are in a high traffic area, they can become susceptible to damage. Damage can be caused by scuffing, dragging items across the surface, spilling chemicals or paint, or uneven settling and cracking. We’ve seen just about all types of damage, and repairing hardwood floors requires matching the existing wood stain and pattern and seamlessly integrating the new pieces in with the old ones. In the best cases, the original wood can be repaired or refinished to keep the original flooring intact. Depending on the extent of the damage and the availability of the wood stains and patterns of the existing wood, we can work with you on a patch repair, or a replacement depending on your preference and your budget.

Dust-less Sanding

Sanding floors is a dusty tiring business. We’ve changed that. We use a patented dust intake system. This connected right to the sanding machines, sucking up dust before it has a chance to escape into the air. Our specialist equipment means dust doesn’t have a chance. No hours of cleaning up after sanding. Our sanders capture the dust generated by sanding on the spot, meaning your curtains, and furniture won’t need to be covered before sanding or cleaned after sanding.

Hand-Scraping and Distrssing

Hand-scraped and hand-distressed floors are gaining popularity throughout the country. Though hand-scraping floors is one of the oldest ways to sand a floor, it fell out of vogue when modern sanding and finishing techniques were invented and smooth, shiny floors were the standard. More decorators are specifying distressed floors as a way to make a new floor look like it's 100 years old, and to give the floor a rustic, casual feel. The natural scratches and gouges in a distressed floor make it a perfect choice for homeowners who don't want to cringe every time their kids or pets leave a mark on the floor. There's also a certain amount of prestige for the homeowner to have a custom, hand-scraped floor. Distressed floors also are becoming popular in commercial applications such as restaurants, retail stores and museums, because they add personality to the room yet withstand high traffic.

Stairs and Hand Railing

Our speciality is custom stair work and our reputation for exquisite fine detail has awarded us the highest recognition as a leader in the design and manufacture of straight staircases. Please check out the Photo Gallery links and browse the many staircase samples from our satisfied customers. Let us help you make the staircase you've been dreaming about a reality.

Sound Proofing

Despite the inherent beauty of a professionally sanded floor, one of the downsides can impact noise in the rooms underneath. Sound proofing is usually only an issue for those living in apartments or buildings where there is a clause in the lease that specifies occupants are not allowed to have wooden floors. We can supply and fit a variety of sound proofing solutions. Sound proofing a wooden floor will depend on whether you want to stop airborne noise, impact noise or both.